Argentina Bond Class Actions

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The Motions for Final Approval of Settlement and Award of Fees and Expenses are in the Case Documents Section of the below Websites.

This website has been established to provide general information related to the proposed settlements of the Republic of Argentina. In February 2016, Argentina announced a settlement offer to all eligible holders of defaulted Argentine debt. Below is a list of eligible Argentine debt, please click on the relevant debt security for access to the specific settlement website:

Seijas et al. v. Republic of Argentina, No. 04 CV 400 (TPG)Brecher v. Republic of Argentina, No. 06 CV 15297 (TPG)
Description ISIN Number Description ISIN Number
Argentina 11% Notes due 10/9/06 US040114AN02 Argentina 9.25% Notes due on 7/20/04 XS0113833510
Argentina 7% Notes due 12/19/08 US040114GF14
Argentina 9.75% Notes Due 9/19/27 US040114AV28
Argentina 11.75% Notes Due 6/15/15 US040114GA27
Argentina 11% Notes Due 12/5/05 US040114AZ32
Argentina 8.375% Notes Due 12/20/03 US040114AH34
Argentina 12.375% Notes Due 2/21/12 US040114GD65
Argentina Floating Rate L+0.8125 Notes Due 3/05 XS0043120582